Creating beautiful, affordable websites that work hard for you and your business.


Simply put, your business needs a website to reach more customers. It needs to look good but it also needs to work hard. That’s where I can help, I can build you a cost effective and beautiful website that is both mobile and google friendly. Scroll down to see how easy it is to get the website that is perfect for you.

Let’s meet and talk

Firstly we’ll get together and talk so that I can get a real understanding of your business, find out what you need your website to deliver and what business needs it should meet. This meeting can be done face-to-face or via Skype.
This first step is vital to me really getting under the skin of your business and finding out as much as I can about you. Websites have a tendency to grow as a business grows and bits get added on here and there. Eventually this can lead to the site feeling a bit ‘clunky’ as it starts to lose its clarity and definition.
I make no secret of the fact I LOVE re-organising information and making it work harder. Hierarchy is the key to getting your message across clearly and easily.
If you’ve never had a website before we can share ideas and work together to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Design and build

I always get asked why I choose to design using Squarespace rather than Wordpress or Wix for example. I hold my hands up to this one… for me as a designer, I love designing, I don’t love coding. With Squarespace I don’t need to code.
SEO is done behind the scenes (attached to all pages, pics and headings), which means we can concentrate on your copy reflecting your personality and brand, ensuring it has the right tone of voice for you. No worrying about dropping in ‘key’ words all over the place for the search engines to find. Which let’s face it, can lead to pretty boring copy.
I also have two very talented colleagues I call on to work with me when necessary. Glen designs logos and is an all-round amazing art director. Brent takes beautiful, natural photographs.

SEO and launch

Another thing my clients always ask about is SEO (search engine optimisation). Understandable as there’s no point having a great looking website that no one can find. Squarespace sites are optimised for mobiles and their templates are scanned with google’s testing tool to ensure that they are mobile friendly. Google prioritises mobile-optimised sites in search results. 
SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates are included in every domain connected to a Squarespace site. This creates a secure connection between a client and the server over which information is sent. SSL-secured websites often rank higher than those that are not secure. 
Easy enabling of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) creates lightweight versions of every page so that they load faster when viewed on a phone. Sites with AMP often rank higher in mobile searches.


My work

Take a look at my portfolio to see a selection of my most recent projects.